Art in Snoopy

Snoopy, the lazy and happy beagle of the Comic Peanuts created by Charles M. Schulz is one of the most famous characters in the world. It is known by using multiple disguises and now is helping Fundación León XIII of Chiapas with the exhibition “Moving Lifes by Creating Art” of 180 intervene pieces by different artists and industrial designers that after the exhibition the pieces will be sell at auction.

Snoopy arrives to Museo Mexicano de Diseño (Mexican Design Museum) in the Historic Center of Mexico City. It is organized by Peanuts Worldwide, EXIM México and MetLife Mexico

The cafeteria has a wide range of plates, you can have breakfast, lunch and even diner.

The place has four windows with view to Madero Street (only peatonal), but if you don´t get the chance to be next the window, you can look at the different posters that cover the walls.

This time the posters are from a call to public in general with the death as main topic. In general, the museum changes the posters per month depending on the number of participants or a new call.



The Sculptures

Kissable Snoopy

This one was meant to be an example of how is the pice before the artist intervention, but someone gave snoopy a kiss, so the museum thought this snoopy should be the visitor´s snoopy and lent more people kiss it.

It is nice to invite people to form part of the exhibition, but I wouldn´t kiss something that other 30 people has kissed and that has not been cleaned.

Each Snoopy has the description of the artist and an explanation below in what it seems to be petrol can.








MetLife installed a touchscreen for the public to leave their e-mail to receive a free album of all the Snoopies.




Hugable Snoopy

It is forbiden to touch any of the pieces, exept for two, the kissable Snoopy and this one. It´s original color is black, but when it feels your warm hugh or touch it changes into green, red or orange. It also reproces a melody when it gets into a certain heat, but as consecuence of being most of the time in the sun, it started to decay until it stoped working. A pity.



I love how this snoopy appears to be made of wood.


  100% Mexican Design

On the walls are some photographs of random parts of each snoopy.


The Snoopy with a white robe is made with square cuts of homeless clothes that the artist took in exchange of new clothes.

   Monarch Butterflies surrounds Snoopy 

The middle Snoopy is made with corn leaves, cornseed and beans. Below is an Alebrije Snoopy. Alebrijes are mexican crafst of fantastic creatures.

All Snoopies are in the same position, with the same characteristics and same materials (resin and glass fiber in white colour), the only Snoopy with different characteristics is in the first picture at the left because it is the representative of MetLife. The reason for having Snoopy playing the rope is for transmitting the joy of life.


Property of designer Álvaro Rego 

Francisco I. Madero 74, Col. Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México

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