ELLEDigital Revolution

CHALLENGE: Design clothing for Mademoiselle oú Monsieur that can be manufactured and sold under the Digital Revolution concept.

 JUDGES: Sara Galindo (Executive Director of Elle México Diseña), Rolando Santana International Fashion Designer and the top model Luisa Sáenz as surprise guest.

PROCESS: In the first stage the judges chose 40 from 800 participants (WOW) that had a potential design to present in Mexico City for the second elimination (leaving 20 designers).

In the third stage the confection of the pieces was evaluated for the preliminary stage where only six designers will present their creations on June 4 (TODAY, HELL YEAH) to the legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier and compete for the first place, appearance of outfit in ELLE Mexico´s Cover and a scholarship in Istituto Marangoni either in Paris or Milan (Á Paris Biensûr!)


Here you will find a résumé with personal comments of every EMD2014 chapter transmitted by E! Entertainment Mexico. ENJOY!


  • Oscar Rosado 

 I don´t really remember the relationship of his creation with Digital Revolution, now that I look at the picture, and I try to remember, I can´t. Never the less, that the oversize coat is just incredible.

Definitely it is The Piece of the hole outfit, the rest is not my type (and neither of the judges).



  • Raúl Orozco

He made a propose with more than five outfits (shown only three) inspired in the Cat Fishing (making fraud in the network by having different social profiles to sustain a lie) This guy is one of my favourites. The concept, the UNLIMITED outfits, the pieces, the colours, everything is great for my closet. 

  •  Noemi Reyes 

This girl took purepecha´s traditional garments as inspiration and made a “Fireman´s coat” (as Sara said later) with a posterior bag simulating the “reboso” they use to carry stuff.

Even when Sara was right, I do like the coat and I think is a piece that can have lots of productive combinations. On the other hand, the skirt and the top I think they are lovely, but pretty plain for what I think of a Revolution.



  • Paulina Velázquez 

This girl took seriously the Digital theme and used wires of different colours to simulate a computer mother board or microchip. I did like the idea of using wires, it gives something interesting to the clothes, but in the big picture, it looks kind of old and boring. I might sound mean, but it looks like something my grandma might have used. Maybe with a different fabric and a different colour, the whole look be outstanding.


  • Daniela Garza

EMD2013 FINALIST! She didn´t win, but she came back this year with a flamingo´s inspiration as a resemblance of life. This time, she had to quit her job as English teacher, Á LA FOLIE OÚ PAS DU TOUT!!                                            ANOTHER FAVOURITE


The transparency of her dress with little white flowers makes a total sexy look for every lady.

This is her propose for 2014, I love the look, but the flamingo´s sweatshirt is MINE! I want it!

  •  Iván Ávalos

He was in another season and since the last contest he has a better relationship with his dad who helps him in his career. The main pieces are obviously the gabardine and the belt that are a perfect match and can be assembled in many different ways as he showed in a video to the judges. The chapter doesn´t show his concept about Digital Revolution, but I guess it is the power of being versatile. 




  • Alethia Archilee

She was inspired in music and the technology that cannot be seen, as it is the electrical microwaves. In her creation she installed a pair of speakers in the hood (which can be transformed into a handbag) the outfit has some transformations, but the big one is the Hoody Handbag, something original, but kind of inconvenient for the neck and the back.

  • Isaac Pineda 

This guy was inspired in the file uploading, he makes a look of uncompleted uploading using little hexagon pieces made in 3D printing, that according to my good eyes,the printing material he might have used is ABS (initials for unpronounceable polymers:Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), this material is a little expensive to print, but is more resistant than other commercial peers as thermoplastic dust.

Also, he used magnets as fastener of the dress! What a simple and big idea is it? Definitely he is a FAV 

Imagine how sexy you will look in this!

  • Yeshua Herrera

Facebook´s likes print with a Japanese look. Although it look a little heavy, It has my like

  • Omar Ruiz

“Shut up I´m typing” is the quote that defines his idea of Digital Revolution (something I might say),24hrs digital communication for the rest of our lives Ladies and Gentlemen. FAV FAV



  • Ariel Valencia

A mixture of vector lines and nature. I love the V neck, the flowers, the little slim cuts of the pants and the freshness it recalls to me. This outfit looks so girly, but not at all cheesy.

  • German Alí Cruz

Inspired in the Computer Virus and the Loop, the mixture of the red with black in the skirt/ pants is really cool. Funny Fact: He had an incident in the past contest with Andy García (Fashion Girl)by a comment he made to his model about Andy´s fault of not letting him be at the next stage (exact words “fue culpa de la vieja de rojo”) LOL Now even Sara is afraid of him.


  • María Mora

Natural landscape with colour saturation I love it, but the whole outfit is what designers call SOMETHING SAVE.


  • Sinhué Guzmán

This guy was a little preppy and I didn´t like the red gigantic mouth with pearls, but the rest of the garment is crazy good. His inspiration is in the surrealism of all what is said in the internet and all the popular characters from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks that are only know in the media and not in the real world.




  • Carlos Alonso Murillo

He believes in essential bases for the construction of Fashion as the binary code is the soul of any computer or gadget as he made a print of it in the coat. I think his concept is pretty good, but he can do a better result.

  • Fernando Luján

Technology Flow in the everyday life. This girl looks so chic, comfortable and powerful at the same time, kind of intimidating. I feel that she could be either in the desert (without the coat) or in the cold woods and she would feel and look amazing. I definitely would like to be in the woods to keep the coat. Once again, FAV.

  • Maritza Peña

Of her collection “Giro Recurrente” (recurrent spinning) is inspired in the merry-go-round as a dream you can´t escape from.I love the simetry of the print and how it is placed, but for me, it is too much print.


  •  Carlos Herrera

Interactive design with 3D glasses that help to see the print a live, with the blue colour you can appreciate one of the two prints, the other with the red color. This is the merge of two stories into one.



  • Carlos Román

He loves this century as much as I do and will beg to be born in no other century than this one. He divided the outfit into what is expected to shop and what is expected to photograph with the cold (coat) and the warmth (shorts and shirt). The idea of random photos placed all over the garments appears to me like if some Social Network´s users, the one´s that take pictures of them selves every 5 minutes, had the guilty pleasure of being spied.

  • Jacobo Reyna

Inspiration:Digital processes, microchips and laser cuts, all represented in his garments with metal details on the right side. It looks like the girl is a sexy motocycler, with a good black leather top, but not the skirt. She might look bettter in hot black pants.

  • César Alcázar

I know it is hard to make gentlemen´s clothes and I applaud anyone who even dies in the try, but designers should try to work more on this field (If they feel like it). Never the less, what this guy made was a simulation of metal with a PVC net to represent the interface between man and gadgets and the technology by itself. 


  • Guillermo Jester

The only designer among 800 that made a garment for both genders! It was a pity he chose le robe du monsieur for the contest, because the girl´s clothes are in my opinion more attractive (it might be only because I´m a girl). The waistcoat is made of natural fleece and all the process was supervised by “Memo”.


  • Mónica Medina

Is a shame that production didn´t gave a few more minutes in the chapter for this girl to explain her concept because I LOVE IT! It looks classy and sporty at the same time, the skirt might look too girly, but I think it is what it makes it look so feminine. The colour and the details on the jacket are so nice… I want it FAV


  • Lucero Alcalá

The present and unisex outfits are the definition of Digital Revolution for this girl. I don´t really like the garment either for a man or a woman, but this mademoiselle did something risky and Fashion is about taking some risks.



    Fernando Luján

 Isaac Pineda


  Raúl Orozco

 Mónica Medina


 Omar Ruiz





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