I had the opportunity to be at the Runway of EMD2014, but before all the magic I had my lips and nails done with NARS Cosmetics, two delicious cocktails with other Fashion Lovers and an interview about this amazing expirience in Hotel W. All of this thanks to ELLE Mexico.

This cocktail has mezcal and raspberry, so sweet and fresh you can drink one in less than three minutes, but don´t underestimate it.

It´s sweetness might take you down.

This one is served in a Martini´s cup that is inserted in to a little fish bowl with dry ice and water. It also has mezcal, but it´s a little more spicy. It has tamarindo pulp, an orange slice and salt with chilli candy in the glasse´s rim.



In backstage, I could see all the appetizers (delicious by the way) and the designer´s and model´s makeup preparation by NARS, hair by MOROCCANOIL

Rolando, Luisa and Sara were ready for the action and gave some minutes for a little Photoshooting with the guest (me, among them).


The Runway


Rodrigo Massa (lyrics writer and musician) was as always with the best attitude and a big smile.

and then… the MAGIC began.



Eventhough the Final was extremly hot (literaly) I did enjoy the final chapter, the treets, the beverages and the show.



You can find more about him in his Facebook Page

 The Party

I had the chance to congratulate all the participants and had a talk about their experience goals and next moves in Fashion, I even have a picture with Fernando and Mónica.

Then the beat of the music took part of me and I just let go the cazy dancer in me for time to time because the heels were killing me.

            Blue lights.


                 Some of the crew.

 The crew with Karla Brawn (Marketing Specialist) and Janette Atlaco (Social Network Manager). Thanks to these grils we had a great time all day long.

Finally after all the fun, the emotion, the talking and knowing the winners, ELLE Mexico surprised us once again with three bags fulled with gifts<3

 See the Resumé of the Contest I made in ELLEDigital Revolution

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