How To Dress 2016

2016 is here and so are 5 main trends you can adopt to keep looking good. I know there are much more trends to talk about, but I chose the most appealing to me. I think that these five trends are the most likeable and eve so this doesn´t mean you got to follow them all. Instead try them, see what suits you and give your personal twist!

Slip Dress

A lingerie inspired dress with different lengths and styles that can be matched in several different ways and for almost any weather. My advice for you to feel completely comfortable is to have one oversized in silk.


Personally, I think that a good pair of trainers can make look younger, outstand and give versatility to any outfit. They are also perfect for long walks!! My advice: White goes with everything and is made for everyone.

Denim or Light Denim

Who doesn´t wear denim? Even my grandma has a pair of jeans. Don´t stop there, go further and have a Light Denim Dress like Chloé´s below and explore amazing brands that plays with this versatile material like Simple by Trista <3.

Turtle Neck

It doesn´t matter if is a poncho, dress, blouse or whatever. The turtle neck is a thing right now and if you are in the winter season, don´t waste your time!! Take it before weather changes.

Mary Jane´s

A closed, low-cut shoe with one or more straps across the instep. The heel height, the colour, design or shape are for you to choose, but be sure to have a good pair to mix with your wardrobe to stay fresh on 2016.Don´t make excuses, there´s no way you can´t find a pair that suits you.

P.S. Also look for the Half Moon Bag!

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