The Bikini

Do you remember the first time you bought a swimsuit? Remember the hours spent in the changing room just to leave with nothing but regret about the cheeseburger you had for lunch? I know it is hard to choose the ideal swimsuit (if that does really exist) because face it, as women we have LOT´S OF CHOICES! And beneath all those choices there´s this perfect in sale, sexy and chic piece that will make you rock the beach.

Time goes and you realize it has been your friend for about 4 years and you love it so much that you can´t tell if it´s made for a lifetime or you just can´t let it rest in peace. Let me tell you that your bikini has expired long ago since that chlorine spot ruined the top left side and the bottom barely fits.

Girl, is time to say ciao!  

Now, the million dollar question: How to choose? I might not have the exact answers for you, but I do have tips for the big decision based on 5 single basic points


What do you want to hide and what to show?

You have a unique body with amazing boobs and lack of butt, the other way or neither way, but there´s only one thing all women want: to look good.

The best option for any kind of body would be one piece swimwear, but if you are searching for the bikini, you have more to handle.

  • For the girl with big boobs: To make them look smaller the black and other obscure colours will help, avoid the “bandeau” type tops, stripes and any other big patron, also make sure to have width braces to have enough support.
  •  For the girl with no boobs: Obviously is the inverse of what the big boobs girl has to do (look for bright colours, look for styles like the “bandeau” and cropped flutter tops for more volume). In the worst case you can befriend the pushup.
  • For the girl with big butt: Almost the same as the swim top: Dark colours for a smaller butt, complex patrons, go for high cuts and avoid shorties. The higher is he cut, the larger your legs will look, but be careful not to exaggerate (it might look ordinary)
  • For the girl with no butt: The other way around, bright colours and look for shorties (might make your legs look smaller), fluttered or tie string bottoms.a


Colour, shape, texture, print…

This is something only you have the answer, my only advice is to mix the top and bottom according to what would you like to stand out (chest or backside) with two tones lower. This can be accomplished with different colours and sizes.


Are you the one who doesn´t stop playing volleyball or are you the lizard-woman who loves sun baths?

This question might make you rethink about the whole bikini/not bikini idea. Before changing clothes consider:

  • What are the planned activities (you might have the idea of surfing but you end up in a romantic walk)
  • The beach rules (the bikini might be optional, if you know what I mean)
  • With who are you enjoying the day (it´s not the same to carry one child than carrying one beer)
  • Whatever you want.


My personal advice is to always have extra clothes as a dress, t-shirt and shorts to enjoy any activity and to avoid showing more skin that you want.


You love it, you dreamed with it and you are sure you are made for it, but it is a $700 dlrs Missoni and you don´t even have paid the rent.

Having a small pocket doesn´t mean you can´t have a killing look. You only need your mobile and Wi-Fi to search good sales and offers. Even if you are not an online costumer, you will already know where and when to go for The Bikini.

Also, if you care as I do for the manufacture, trade process and resources used to full fill my swimming expectations, please look for fair trade brands. You can even buy crafted swimsuits face to face with the creator like I did time ago in a craft market near one of Acapulco´s beaches. I´m sure you could find something nice at any beach surroundings.

IMPORTANT: Restrict the shopaholic you have inside and rethink what you need the most to hang out or even if you can afford to do so.



Bikini or for god´s sake not a bikini?

This is the most important of all the points: All the effort, time and money invested in the search of your swim body will be waste if you are not comfortable in it. It doesn´t matter what you choose, when you see yourself in the mirror you got to feel amazing in it. If you don´t, then it is obviously out of the list.

Remember that it is only you who can look as gorgeous as you want. Chin up, straight posture and big smile will make you the bee´s knees of the place. Show what you got!


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