A Review on “20 Days Challenge”

The golden question: How much do you know about sustainable fashion?

In order to make a change in your life style, first you need to know how confident you are in the sustainability field, your habits, budget, relationship and expectations with fashion. Even when you know nothing about sustainability,the single fact of you taking interest is a huge first step that only needs commitment to finish the challenge and learn the basics of fashion sustainability. I can tell you will be browsing for more in a few days!

This is no ordinary challenge, here you will learn, when I first saw it I immediately said to myself: Challenge accepted!! Why? Well, even when I already have an idea of sustainability, the budget and needs I cover at  my shopping, I thought that reading this will give me more ideas to try out. And so it did. Here you will reflect and take action at your own rhythm. For example, because I live in Mexico City and Summer (the challenge writer) lives in Australia, I had to deal with the time zone, my internship and other thousand things to do, but I did it!

What I liked the most is the empathy the writer has with you, she is honest about the importance we give to our clothes and how much we love the shopping experience once in a while (for some almost daily) and she doesn´t make you feel guilty. Instead of listing reasons of why your lifestyle is wrong (because it´s absurd) she suggests to take a closer look in to the wardrobe and analyze if it´s really suited for you, if you are not expending more of what you wear, the outfit potential it has, how you can improve it and  succeed in making your wardrobe be part of a sustainable chain.

Even if you are a tree killer and have no interest in sustainable textiles, repurposing or reusing, this challenge will make you have a perfect armoire with the clothes that you need with better quality and prolong your style instead of having a bunch of stuff waiting to be wasted.

My suggestions

  1. Repeat (take the time to keep the track of your fashion lifestyle at least every 6 months)
  2. Apply what you learn to other things (any field can be improved with this tips: kitchen supplies, furniture, toys, gardening, workstation, you name it)
  3. Organize a “Clothing swap party” (subscribe and see what I´m talking about I can only say that I´m doing it!!)
  4.  Don´t fool yourself (it will leave you nowhere better than what you already have)
  5. Share (turn the experience into something more with friends, family, Summer or me)

Conclusion: Take the challenge and follow Tortoise&Ladygrey.

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