From Israel To Mexico

An urban raven? What might this brand be about?

Urban Raven is a upcycling jewelry brand from Israel that takes trash into unique accessories with countless types of materials like glass, computer chips and old postcard images.
The fact of having an unique hand made accessory is great, but the story and the personality behind it is even better. From the moment I read and saw Shiran´s creations I knew I had to write about it. Lucky me, I had a great enthusiastic respond and now you can enjoy it.
Important: It doesn´t matter if you are in Japan, Australia or Mexico, like me Urban Raven ships worldwide!

See what Shiran Tal (the creator) has to say:

First of all, Why Urban Raven? What’s the story behind the name?

When I started making jewelry I was living at a friends house near the beach , he had alot of ravens at his back yards.Upcycled Computer Chip Ring /// Gold plated /// Handmade /// Adjustable /// Unique /// Repurposed /// Original
When I started thinking of names I realized that what I do is some what resembles what they do, ravens are known to be picking stuff from the ground, usually shiny objects and other non organic materials, and taking them to their nest . The urban part is simple , I use mostly industrial materials. so I thought urban will fit the most.

What’s the best style description of your brand?

That’s a hard question since I like to think that I do a little bit of many styles. So  guess I would say eclectic style with a touch of preppy geek chic.

How will you describe the customer that wears Urban Raven?

My ideal client will be someone who likes one of a kind pieces and appreciates them, that love the history in them and the fact that each piece comes with a story.

 What’s the best experience you have had up to now? 

A year ago I was on the radio to speak about my collection, that was pretty exciting!

2 Micron Gold Plated Israeli Upcycled Postage Stamp earrings /// Hand made /// One of a kind

 How many countries have Urban Raven reached? 

I don’t really know how many countries but i’m on 4 continents, and that it is amazing to me!

How is your design process? Do you design and look for materials that can work or do you design according to the materials you have? 

My creative process is very free and moves with the material I use. Sometimes what I imagine at first looks nothing like my final result and that is my favorite part of the process. I have to accept what the material allows me to do and create beauty even from the most stubborn pieces and materials.

Gold Cuff Bracelet, Wood Cuff Bracelet, Festival Bracelet, Handmade, Repurpose, Bridal Jewelry, Student Gift, tree bracelet, nature jewelry.

In Mexico you can find Upcycled stuff (toys, jewelry and ornaments mainly) in bazaars. Does Israel have  a similar interaction with the Upcycling?

We do have a lot of bazaars and stores that are famous for the upcyled items they present usually this bazaars are open to any kind of “help the environment ” craft and design .

 How is sustainability viewed in Israel?

Its a growing movement, people are now seeing and wanting more information about it all the time, there are more and more restaurants and other business’s that are taking the sustainability as a base principle at the work place and at home!

Gold Stamp Bracelet , Upcycled, One of a kind, Bride bracelet,  Bridesmaids Gift , Friendship Bracelet, mother's day gift, Crown Bracelet

What do you think about sustainability?

I really do believe that without it, our kids wont survive. It starts with us at home,but it has to get into the factories and massive corporates if we really want to see a change.

Where can we find Urban Raven’s workshop?

Urban Raven is located in Zichron Yaakov which is a beautiful quite place near the Mediterranean Sea.

If we are somewhere else in the world, How can we reach your brand?

You can find my items online at . At and of course on Facebook and  Instagram

The Workshop

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Displaying IMG_20150725_215839.jpg

Displaying IMG_20150725_215827.jpg 

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