Jimani Collections

Jimani Collections is a world wide brand that supports Kenyan women in need of an income to provide for their families. They have a philosophy about preparing and coaching these women to achieve a better lifestyle with their own cultural knowledge applied into several products that are 100% locally gorgeously manufactured and designed.


A totally worth to meet brand.

All started in a two-week mission trip Jennifer Bentley took to Kenya several years ago. She and her team started partnering with a local sewing training program for impoverished women. For a week and a half, she was in charge of the jewelry class to teach the basic skills with a collection of five pieces to a small group of Kenyan ladies, a first collection now called “The Kwanza Collection”.

Even though at the moment she didn´t realise that first class would lead in to Jimani Collections, she decided to take action after seeing the difference it was making in the lives of the Kenyan women they partner with. As every business, they had to take baby steps, specially with long distance communication between the USA´s team with the Kenyan and because there was no consistent work or income for the ladies, orders were placed whenever they could.

 Challenges where many, one of them was bridging the gap between western markets and the women in Kenya and they also have very little access or understanding of the western design aesthetic.For this reason, the design is primarily done by the western team members, but every time a new collection is coming, Jennifer always amazes at the small changes that are done and often will make quality improvements that she would not have thought of.

“They are  two very different worlds that operate at different speeds, have different values and demand different considerations”



Their products go from home goods to accessories; each one is handmade and unique, not a single piece is exactly the same as another. From the design process, to the material sourcing, to creation by the women and finally across the ocean to your hands.

You can visit their webpage and find out not only their amazing products, but also testimonials, internships, cool look books and a history that keeps going over seas.


Their advice for any beginner in the Fair Trade Business:

“Learn as much as you can about the people you are supporting and let that be your motivation”

From Israel to Mexico                                                                                Craft´s Tour 

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