The Shopping Know How

The shopping experience is something that fills the lives of many people, if it is not your case, then at least it fills your wardrobe, your home with decorations or your face with treatments and makeup. Among all the things we have many are not necessary, we let them cast aside and as we re-discover them we don´t know the reason why we have that object, when we bought it and  why is not even been used.

This is when you realize that you need to change our consumption habits for the sake of your wallet,to increase our quality of life and believe it or not, the life of thousands of people. It’s like a domino effect.

For that, the question is: How can I act?

No one can tell us what to buy or not, what you buy can only be decided according to your particular lifestyle, your ideals, beliefs and budget; even though you can have a guide of “basic considerations” to make better decisions, a more appropriate shopping following what we truly need without sacrificing our #fashionstyle.

CLOSET copy1) Need

First of all, have a day to check your closet and take note of everything you see. Number the amount of clothes you have, the colour and variety, remember how many times you’ve wear each garment and analyze. This way you’ll know what you really need, what kind of cloth you have the most and in the best case you will have new clothes that were stored since ever.

2) Style

You don´t feel comfortable with the clothes you have ? This is completely normal , especially when you don´t buy constantly. For this, the best thing to do is to re- find your style . Take note of your new tastes, what catches your attention like the outfit of an artist, a certain colour or your favorite season; brands, fit and materials as well to make you feel more comfortable. Researching you can find good suggestions to make your style your personal brand

3) Priorities

You know what you want and need. Now it is important to know what matters most to you in terms of”fashionable” clothing or items. For everything you want to incorporate into your closet, make a list of the most important ones to take into your life and in another one write the best features you like of the brands you usually wear or that you want to try. Example: Do I prefer national made clothes with high quality or do I prefer to support an association with handcrafted products even though that´s online shopping only? What about organic farming materials, or recycled, may be an exchange? There are many kinds of social and environmentally responsible fashion: organic, slow, ethics (see article in spanish of ECO FASHION, ETHICS SUSTAINABLE OR WHAT IS PROPER?).

It’s up to you.

4) Budget

No matter how much money you are planning to spend, while it´s being well spent. By this I mean that a cheap garment could not satisfy you in the same time as another one with higher quality. If you have “little pocket”,expect special sales, look for stores that fit what you can pay, visit vintage and second-hand shops or encourage your friends to do swapping (exchange). The important thing is to do tswappinghe best investment without sacrificing your ideals, and always being aware of the impact that your purchase can generate.

After doing each step, I could almost ensure your buying experience will be richer for all the effort you made in your image and the knowledge you now have about what you wear . Remember ” A purchase is like a vote “

Now, pass it over!

This shopping guide was inspired by A Review on “20 Days Challenge” and Tortoise and Lady Grey Blog and it was published in the E-Magazine of  Ethical Fashion Space Mexico in spanish (look for it here)

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