How To Choose Your Sunblock

We all have different skin types and each one has it´s own special care, therefore the best thing to do is to ask a profesional about which sun block and treatment you should follow, but if your dermatologist can´t see you before your trip to  the beach or you are in an emergency; my basic guide to choose the perfect product for your skin will be of help.

Don´t feel Macho Man 

First of all, you should know that before the 20 years old, your skin already absorbed 80% of the total radiation you could receive in your whole life. If you didn´t have the habit of applying sun block, then you better start NOW. Skin health is something of extremely importance and no one should pass over this, specially when Cancer is all around kicking arses.

The Routine

I can´t tell how often you need to apply sun block, but I do know that the frequency to apply it depends on how clear your skin is or your phototype. Another important fact is the amount of pollution in the place and the snow.

Yes, pollution makes UV radiation pass the ozone layer and snow reflects the sun light right in to your face!!


There are several specialized skin stores as “Derma” in Mexico that have samples to test and the right personal for you to ask and have all the needed information to make the best decision. If you don´t want to spend time in the store trying to memorize every detail, then ask a friend of a family member that has experience in this field.

Tip: Asking a ginger might be the best.

The Basics of a sunblock:

1) It has to be able to protect you from UVA and UVB radiation.

2) No matter the specific need of your skin, the Sun Protection Factor has to be at 15 least.

3) It´s composition has to have an active balance that absorbs the least of radiation and actives that reflects them.

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