Men´s Beauty Kit

Corporal Cream

The skin is the biggest organ we have, it protects us, it keeps things where they should (you know muscles and stuff). Conclusion: It is amazing, and not taking care of all of it is absurd. If I convinced you, first you should know that the care of the body´s skin is different from the face. The good news is that the body doesn´t need much care as the face, but it does need to be hydratated. 

Oil- free
Inmediate absorption
No greasy residue
Environment protection




Facial Cream

Apply in all the face avoiding the eye´s zone all mornings to protect the skin and keep it hydrated for all daylong and for a long-term better healthy skin be sure that it has UV protection. This will make your skin look fresh, not tired, will avoid premature wrinkles, dryness and spots.


Vitamin C

Treats sun damage

Prevents wrinkles



Shaving Lotion

Most men shave, at least the ones I know and the razor against the face every morning is one of the most aggressive things you could do, there for if you shave without any supply for the skin is definitely worst. What the shaving lotion does is to decrease the impact and avoid irritation, it also softens the skin to have a more efficient shaving without a redden skin.



Protects from irritation

Softens Beard

Hair hydratation

Smooth skin feeling




Cleansing Gel

Ok, you might not use any product to take care of your skin, but it is imperative to have a face cleaning routine. Do wash your face before sleeping and in the morning with a specialized soap or cleansing gel, otherwise your pores will clog and acne will appear.








Now look at my previous post about How to Choose Your Perfect Sunblock and learn not only about the benefits of it, but also the basic points it needs to cover to have a healthy skin.

How to Choose Your Perfect Sunblock 

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