Shop Wisely

I´m not trying to feed the need of consumption of shopaholics, but to make them stop madness and rethink of the way they are investing in shopping because what you wear really matters.

This post is made for the people that love discovering original brands that design for the fashionistas and the environment. I also want to show how a product with recycled materials is worth even more than one that doesn´t because at least in Mexico, there´s still people that think of recycling as something silly and with lack of quality.

The experience of buying is more fulfilling when you know you will spend a life time of stories, upcycling and incredible design in one single object made with love and responsibility.

To see more about my point about shopping look  for The Shopping Knowhow .

The Salty Bag BrandPaximadi copy

From Corfu´s sea, Greece to your hands, the union of three sailor´s and environment respectful people and tons of sail waste created this transforming stories brand. The deal is making bags and travel accessories from used and decommissioned sailboat sails.  Most people don´t know from where did his bag came from, that´s why each bag has a booklet with the life-story of the used sail.

At first they were only selling in Greece and online, but during  2015 more countries will be able to buy their own salty bag in local stores, is just a matter of time to see them worldwide.

If you can´t imagine how much can be done in one single boat, in the picture below is the material optimization and two of their products. Psarou (Greek for “fish-y”) ,my favourite, is launching in March 2015.

Web Page


edunA global fashion brand founded by Ali Hewson and Bono that promotes trade in Africa and they form part of the LVMH (LouisVuitton – Moët Hennessy) fashion leader that possesses the portfolio of over 70 prestigious houses of different sectors with a total of 120,000 employees.

They also carry initiatives to protect the environment, involvement in culture and heritage, humanitarian action, education and the support of artists/designers.

This group provides essential support to fulfill the brand´s vision of a production based on sourcing throughout all Africa for the development of clothes, jewelry and accessories.

For the Runway, Manolo Blahnik is the brand that covers the model´s feet (picture below in red animal print).


Web Pagelemon copy


omething more than a t-shirt (from Latin “ultrā”  as “beyond”), they offer a world apart, an eco world. They have a sense of responsibility with an artistic soul for the urban, trendy, committed and “addict” to fashion people.

Their t-shirts and sweatshirts are 100% sustainable and tested on harmful substances by Confidence In Textile since 2012 in Touquet Plage and Paris. The materials they use are tencel (a vegetable eucalyptus fibre), ethnical cotton and digital eco-friendly high definition printing. Quantities are very limited as they use fabric remnants of French luxury brands.
What they offer is a high quality low-impact eco-friendly and fair-trade products to make a mixture of fashion and sustainability and to take the movement to the next level.

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Greenola Style

A great Fair Trade example, they work directly with artisan entrepreneurs in Bolivia and Kenya and a percentage of the profits goes to Solidarity Bridge, supporting health services and education. Their products are a reflection of eight company values followed by every member:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Direct and Lasting Relationship with Artisans and their Families
  • Measuring Success by: People, Planet and Profit
  • Foster Century Old Crafts Traditions
  • High Quality Products
  • Support Entrepreneurship of Artisans
  • Have Fun!

You can get involved by going to their events, becoming an ambassador, buying their fashion or searching for a job/internship in the company.


Web Page


The achievement of Grupo Inca their commitment is to create great quality garments with Peruvian art and textiles made of camelid´s fibres with a responsible rational use and protecting each species. They also search to preserve the knowledge of ancient Incas to provide a true Peruvian Treasure.

In “Pacomarca” (Place of Alpacas) located in Puno near lake Titicaca, is a place dedicated to the breeding and genetic improvement of the South American camelids to improve the softness, warmth and fineness qualities of the fibre.

Everything is on the details, the careful attention of the skilful hands of craftsmen and the application of technology are of great importance to achieve an excellent robe with high human value and respect for nature.kuna copy

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