Simple by Trista


Represented by a circle, a point in the universe, this brand takes inspiration in philosophy, science, biology and arquitecture. Each piece has it´s name and personality according to the designer´s topic, the latest collection “Simetría Imperfecta” (Imperfect Symmetry) recently presented in the Museo Universitario del Chopo is an example of how a Physics theory about the rotten symmetry in nature  (the balance between particles and antiparticles) can inspire the Mexican fashion.

The brand has an urban style that allows clothing to be dynamic and versatile either for men or woman. Currently, it has presence in boutiques of Miami, Mexico City (with one showroom in the workshop), Guadalajara and Guatemala. The fabrics they use are mainly: Linen, denim, gabardine, silk and the fabulous poplin (good for hot weather andmen-walk rainy days). Most of the production is handmade by several sampling proffesionals, pattern makers and intern students (as me).

Simple by Trista is the sister brand of Trista, the haute couture side that
pursuit the rare beauty of women and men. The name Trista came after drinking a couple of caguamas (liter beer) while reading Fernando Pessoa and as it is implicit Simple has a clear personality of sophistication, but for the everyday life on the streets.

What I like the most of the brand is the mixture of the masculine with feminine, the tomboy style that gives a practical and confident image either you have a total Simple look or you combine it. You can take your boyfriend for shopping and both might get something good and even share them due to the unisex garments in all the collections: The most popular “Jardín de Botánica” (Botanic Garden) gio-trista.
Giovanni Estrada, the designer behind Simple studied in Casa de Francia fashion university and has
participated in national fashion events like the
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
 and in international events in countries like Japan and Spain giving him and the brand more than ten years of experience in the field.

Best shopping experience:

Visit their workshop and showroom!! The place has it´s own magic.

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