What´s bringing 2017?

2017 is finally here!!

We have almost 365 days to give the best of us to the world and accomplish our goals that in my opinion the best way to make it through the year like a champion is to be ahead of the expected and Guess what? Fashion changes all the time. All you know about the trends of 2016 are now memories that, with a little polishing, you can still wear. Look at some the coming trends you´ll see around the year and start thinking how will you wear 2017.


I´m not talking about the boring huge size tailor suit that your primary librarians used
to wear. Search for brighten or metallic colours (though black is an excellent choice), glitter,slim, long cut… There are plenty kinds of cool suits that are perfect to go to work and end in the Club without looking odd. You just need to find The One that goes with your body.

Audrey Hepburn.pngAudrey Hepburn´s Kitten Heel

This shoes will become your battle shoes. They will make you resist walking on the subway, be standing for hours and still hiting the dancefloor like never before and still look good for a meeting. Look for sandals to look lighter.


ebigXXL Earings

If Iris Apfel had earrings, this would be her favourite trend!! Extra Large earrings are coming and it is a take it or leave it. I´m not used to wear jewelry that big, but I do have a pair from Bimba&Lola that I should brag about and I´m willing to try some more. If you feel like is too much for you, just try it once to erase it from the trend list.

Shoulder Hipshoulder

We showed skin in the summer and now it´s time to have a more
intimidating view of our upper extremities. The trend kind of goes with the Tailor Suit, but other options are dresses, coats or blouses.

Stshirt1ay It!!

Not another “Woke up like this” t-shirt!! That´s lame. The goal of this trend is to have a twist to your look with something casual that gives a message of how you feel, a joke or a catchy phrase that will make people turn around. Characters are also allowed!! Remember that this improves the outfit, is not all by itself.

This year looks tough, specially with the last attack in Estanbul. Still, let´s have hope. I wish you all the best, to be kind and give blessing to those who need them.


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