The Fashion Intership

Getting into the Fashion World

Getting into fashion is so difficult! There´s no place for me in that glamorous world. I just don´t know what area is the best for me and How if I don´t have none experience? These are common thoughts about having a career in fashion and a thing you should always remember is that if you don´t look for it, it won´t happen.

My internship

I realized that I had only one more semester as an Industrial Design student before getting into the adult life and as a fashion enthusiast I wanted to have a real workin2016-09-11-21-36-02g experience in the field (specially with Mexican brands) with an internship. To achieve this, first I had to be sure my university would lend me do this before graduation, then sent lots of requests emails to all the brands I liked in Mexico City and after hopefully being accepted do all the paperwork. I  had no other experience about dressmaking than fe
w clothes I have made for myself with my grandma´s Singer machine, so I was pretty nervous about not being accepted.
The good thing is that from the several letters I
wrote, I had two responses!! I chose trying my chances at Simple by Trista

and then?

With every experience there´s always a Before and After scenario and having an internship as I did is definitely something worth to do. I´m proud to say I started literally from cero and now I have the basic knowledge of how a fashion brand works, what it takes to run it and mainly how a high quality cloth is done. I don´t intent to be a fashion designer, but the only way for me to realize that and to see what I wanted was having a little taste of it.


My tips

  • You are not a fashion student? No problem, what matters is to show the comittment
  •  you might swear you want to be a fashion designer, but the best thing to do to really know whats your perfect career is to do research and at least a 3 months trial.

Simple by Trista

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