Shopping Advices

In addition to Shopping Know How, before going to the mall take time to read my advises to achieve a kick ass wardrobe without returning tragedies, fittings and better this than nothing feelings(example: I didn´t got what I wanted, but is better than nothing).

Shop with Good Underwearsits
As DJ Kaled will say, this is a Major Key Alert: It might not look important, but wearing a good bra (or not wearing it) makes a huge difference in fitting. With the garçons wearing Trunks and Boxers are not the same and so is the way your trousers will look. Give importance to my advice because fitting is a synonym of comfort.

Layering Pieces, Something New
Layering pieces can add versatility, and extend the number of options of outfits to wear with a single piece. At the same time you will be encourage to try new stuff!! Don´t give your self too many rules and give a step outside of the comfort zone (you know what you like, but there´s a whole new world to be discovered) Baby steps: Buy basic, easy to match colours (black, white, nude, gray).

Brands You Love vs. Brand-Excitement
This happens a lot with vintage shopping or sample sale shopping. Remember that just because it’s a certain brand doesn’t mean you should buy it. It might be a Chanel, but is not your style, is it? On the other hand we all know that sizing changes based on designer, brand, and cut. So everytime you see a pair of jeans in sale of your FAV brand go for it and never look back and if you haven´t take note of your fitting brands: Take note in the next found!!

Hangry ShoppingCaptura de pantalla 2016-12-30 a las 9.08.24 p.m..png
Really, Do not shop with hunger!! you will be impatient, annoyed and it will lead to bad
decisions. All you want is to get over it and have an Extra Cheese Burger ASAP. The best thing to do is to shop after eating, but be aware of how much you eat,  the belly might look bigger and you won´t like how the slim fit jeans look on you. For people like me: Take breaks, specially if is your one in a year shopping day and you are hungry all the time. Keep the energy up!!


Be Picky 
Taking a 25% off swimsuit in December is a good deal, but you’re not going to need a swimswuit if you are having holidays in a Ski Resort in Quebec. That´s the first filter for “pickiness”. Buying these pieces a long the year is not specially if you are searching for variety. Also, don´t fall into buying things youwear only once and think: Well, it was cheap, it was like $25 dolars. Think it twice and you´ll see your cost per wear is $25.

Start making a list to figure out what you need and shop early in the season!! Sales are for the time you are seeking complementaries. There is a time and place to be picky, after all.



Do Try Shopping Alone
As I said in the Shopping Know How No one can tell you what to buy or not. You know yourself better than anyone else and that means, you know whether or not you’ll actually wear something.

Having said that, shopping alone makes sense: you can try on whatever you want, take as much time as you need, and not worry about swaying to anyone else’s opinions.


Give your time bepicky
Good Shopping takes a lot of time (this is why personal shoppers exist) and if you don´t want to waste time and have what you need as soon as possible, my advice is to: Shop in the morning and on a weekday if possible. Why? No one else is around, no lines, annoying crowds, messy dressing rooms and there´s even a cheaper parking fee.

Risky Advices

  • Buy In Bulk
    Are you a Steven Jobs black turtle neck fan? Go for it!! If you don´t wear the same piece everyday, skip this advice (although underwear can apply).
  • Do Look Around Outlets And Sample Sales
    Outlets are the fashion savers when the budget is low and it is a place where you can find some gems. But even though that just because the price is great doesn’t mean the design is.There are two key reasons why that  fancy coat ended at the outlet: it was made for it (low quality) or it doesn´t sell anywhere (what outlets are made for).


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