Welcome Spring!!

The temperature is increasing, flowers are blossoming and so you should too!!

Since ever, every season the wold changes and reinvents itself with it´s own resources to be amazing. Let´s immitate mother nature´s technique by taking advantage of what you didn´t wear in winter and investing in atemporal pieces instead of seasonal shopping.

Bright Colours and Contrast

Every time Spring arrives most of what bloggers and shops recommend are the floral acprints and bright colours and it´s logical to say so because the worst colour to wear on the streets under a shiny sun is black. Never the less, what I like to do in this season is taking this trend into my makeup and making it contrast with my clothes.

For example, a cami black dress with hot pink lips or a fluorescent dress with brawn lips and black nails (yes, I´m a lipstick girl). Currently I
have a crush on PaiPai and Lime Crime lipsticks for their amazing collections and colours. Go beyond sexy red and have fun, combinations are endless!! Don´t judge me until you try it.


swimThrust the power of your accessories!! Use your lenses, watches, earrings, hats, diadems or else as the previous tip: Bright and Contrasting. Make the contrast between your
accessories, your clothes and even your hair and skin colour while in the beach. It sounds tricky and it is. It goes a little more difficult depending on how much you like to carry and what would you like to out stand of yourself. If you like to brag about your black hair, then wear bright hairbands, lenses or hats and so on. What is important is to pay attention on the details and if you don´t like to carry any of this, then look after more specific stuff like the shoe laces. Above all this, the number one rule about going to the beach is not carrying jewelry. Is not comfortable, it can get damaged and is highly probable you end loosing it.

Show some skin


This is the time of the year when nature itself makes you loose clothes to avoid uncomfortable sweating. Wearing layers is not longer a choice unless you live in the other hemisphere. The point is to start using the troussers, mocassins and skirts you didn´t use because it was freaking cold. Be sexy. If you are not a bralette fan, but want something outstanding look for  Marika Vera. I highly recommend the bodysuits either if you are in the south or north side of the world, they are matchable and sexy.


Le Petit Sac á Main

purse.jpgIf the weather allows you not to carry an umbrella, jacket or scarf a small purse will
be right to make your day. Even if you are going to school, have your backpack with all your supplies and your personal belongings in a small purse or clutch. This will make you look interesting and will help you to be more organized and ready for action after classes.
Doesn´t matter what you choose to carry, just take what you need and live more freely instead of carrying overweight (been there).

Also, something everyone should try this season, specially is you are a hardcore spring breaker is wearing a waist bag! They are extremely usefull and cool if you find the right one to your style  (sometimes I even use them as handbags). Just saying.

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