What to do in Fashion Rev. Week?

Ask and write

Close your eyes and pick randomly something of your drawer to ask the next question: Who made my clothes? That´s a simple question any brand should be able to respond, otherwise is not a good sign. Use social networks to spread the concern or customer service for a more serious involvement with the movement.

You might think it is not a big deal, but it really is. We are starting a conversation with the fashion industry that can´t be ignored. Using a saying in Spanish: “Al cliente lo que pida y ellos piden un comercio justo” (Give us, to the clients what we ask as we are asking for a fair trade)

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Tell your love story

Everyone has at least one special thing that will never go away.  Either because your grandma gave it to you, it portrays a special moment in your life or you just love it, that piece is part of your life until the end of times. Such passion should be told don´t you think so? In my grandma´s young times, things were not thrown away as it happens now. Years could go by and she could have almost the same clothes because she cared about them. She would take a dress to the tailor for new measures, sew a frayed blouse herself and pass them over to her sisters!! That´s a lot of heart and history. This basic narrative can make a good impact into people´s life to the point that there´s a Museum of Broken Relationships that exhibits personal objects that were part of a relationship. If you have a story, tell it and keep doing more.



If this is your first ever aware of FRW, then you should at least follow your local Fashion Revolution organization (Mexico, UK, India, Colombia, etc). You will find lots of
information about almost any field in the fashion industry and you will discover a huge in growth community that goes from well known bloggers as Susie Bubble to academics like Sarah Labowitz. I can guarantee you will need a couple of days to read and digest all the basic articles and media, but let´s face it: It doesn´t matter, every day there´s something new to learn and we all start somewhere. For the moment, you can follow these accounts:follow.jpg

Eco Fashion                                        Slow Fashion Foward

Ethical Fashion Space                      Fashion for Good

The Fair Trade Show                        tortoise & lady grey


Each country has a different schedule and number of events. Lots of these events are made by ordinary people like you and me and unfortunately there are many that are canceled because resources were not enough. In Mexico, most are held in Monterrey and although I´m in Obregón City I was surprised Mexico City had none 😦

Take a look to the page and don´t miss going to at least one of the meetings if you have the chance. It´s a great experience to gather with different kinds of people to listen and debate about the fashion industry (or anything else). Dialogue is very enriching and you might make good relationships!  Events in Mexico

Shopping Advices                                                                                Sustainability as Business

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