Upgrade your Wardrobe

Do you feel like there´s something missing in your closet? Looking what to wear is taking you too long? Don´t know how what to do? Break the odyssey with my four points to achieve the perfect armoire.



There are millions of ways to divide your clothes (by taste, trend, need and else), but for me the best approach is by season. Put all your winter tops together in one drawer and the summer tops in another, hang the current seasonal clothes in hand and change sides with winter´s when the season ends, but make a special spot for raincoats and atemporal items. Besides this, take outdated pieces to the back of the rack in place of taking them away (trends come and go every time). Trendy and favourite pieces go in front to inspire you and be effective in your outfit establishment.

Make it beautiful

Mix your garments and accessories with fashion books, magazines and any other chic deco items to add personality to your wardrobe. All your coolest and designer accessories must stay in sight. Also line up all your pretty shoes and creative bags to give a boost of creativity in the mornings. The best of all is that it doesn´t need to stay the same for ever, PLAY!! You can add photos, candles, magazine cuts, notes to yourself or anything you want. The more you experiment, the more you´ll get to know your stuff and yourself.


Hang in thereblouses

Personally, Even though velvet hangers are the best for keeping shirts f
rom falling, I don´t use them because it gives me chills and instead I use wood hangers with pipe cleaners wrapped in the extremes. It is not necessary to change your hangers for new one´s (unless they don´t take care of your clothes). Instead,use the same trick I do and look for holding clips or multi-use accessories to store your pants and bags.

The point of this is to make you enjoy your closet.

Box it

Every time I looked at my drawers I was feeling overwhelmed by the bunch of messy stuff I had to look for choosing my outfit. After using different types of boxes and organizers, that feeling and my searching time decreased incredibly.

This is a key point and by far, the best thing I ever done to my closet. You don´t need to buy nothing, with a simple shoebox and a cardboard you can make wonders. Just measure the available space you have and think about the best way to make a fit storage (it´s like playing Tetris). Simple things like creating grids for your underwear, scarves and socks or rolling your t-shirts instead of folding them will make you more space and time for your stylish life.


Welcome Spring!!                                                                                   Mano Santa

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