Fashion in Netflix Part1

I love documentaries about almost  every kind and since I no longer watch Tv, I also love Netflix (and YouTube). I would love to tell you all the stuff I have been watching, but for my blogging purposes, the subject is fashion. You might have seen some or even all of these films, still I hope you watch them again with a new perspective after reading my post.

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“You are so free that you are gonna dress like you are free… to be yourself”

-Pharrell Williams

WOW! That´s the first thought that came to my mind after watching this. Dressing is not only an individual form of expression, it represents collective ideals and history. Style in the eyes of church, music and iconic characters  have given  “Fresh”  the meaning of feeling good and being good as synonym of freedom.From USA to all the world, fashion started to embody music.

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“Vogue now a days is like a Telephone book”

 Burton Tansky (ex CEO Neiman Marcus)

This is a little taste of editorial fashion magazine working life at Vogue. Most people might think that it doesn´t take too much to run this kind of business, but they couldn´t be more wrong. Here, you will also see the struggle of ideas, perfection and keeping things under control. Personal note: I remember buying this 2009 Vogue Issue (the biggest ever) and when I got to the”behind camera´s like” shooting I said to myself “Cool, they have an average model as camera man” Now, I know the story behind that shoot.

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“This enormous rapacious industry that is generating so much profit…Why is it that it is unable to support millions of it´s workers properly? “

-Livia Firth

This is not the glamorous side of fashion, this is the untold story that was silenced until a terrible disaster occur and we don´t need more of this. If this doesn´t make you change your consumption habits, then I don´t know what will. I love fashion, but it´s imperative to stop living among the life´s of others.  Want more information to do some change? Look my Fashion Revolutionpost.

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“I don´t have any rules ´cause I would only be breaking them, so it´s a waste of time.”

-Iris Apfel

Iris is amazing. She has a great career as Interior Designer and a huge collection of accessories. She is so cool that she has a seat in the most valued catwalks by just being herself. The best thing, she´s not the only one, you can find more outstanding  ladies and gentlemen worth to look for inspiration in Advanced Style blog and it´s documentaries (that are not in Netflix).

Tip: Visit Lyn Slater´s blog.

Captura de pantalla 2017-07-02 a las 6.41.12 p.m.“You never get to perfection that´s the great thing about the whole journey so you never stop. You´re always  can be better, better, better.”

-Julian Dunkerton

Have you ever wonder how brand collections are made with famous people? How does it happen? How is it done? Watch out how Superdry brand made a collaboration with British actor Idris Elba, learn about the team´s and the actor´s experience.

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